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Sales Pipeline

sales pipelineThe sales pipeline has been designed to help sales teams keep track of any opportunities, recording each communication against the original enquiry.  Sales staff can record tasks and appointments against an enquiry, ensuring leads are followed up in a timely fashion.

Used in conjunction with the Client Relationship Management system, the sales pipeline becomes a hugely powerful tool, ensuring contact details are easily retrieved and information about a client is recorded and kept up to date.

Sales tracking with integrated calendar for tasks and appointments

Perhaps the most powerful component within the system is the calendar that brings together all the tasks and appointments into one screen, allowing staff to organise and schedule their work.  Users can access each others schedules, making appointments or scheduling tasks for each other.

Email Campaigns

The Customer Relations Management system includes a mailing system  that can help account managers keep in touch with existing clients, prospects, network colleagues and suppliers.  Furthermore, the Content Management System allows sales teams to promote specific products and services via the website, blogs or new articles.

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