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Project Golem

project golemProject Golem is a unique framework that provides generic functionality that was used to develop the Business Management System.  It can be customised to provide a bespoke version of the Business Management Ssstem or for traditional bespoke applications. It consists of libraries of reusable abstractions of source code wrapped in an Application Programming Interface (API). Project Golem can be extended to match your specific requirements and is built upon a robust framework that has now been in commercial use since early 2007.

Project Golem underpins a number of commercial applications and websites other than the Business Management System and include APMM (, BBC Archive (, Best Cellars (, SJ Sportscars (, FreeTrawl ( and Summit Events ( amongst others and provides a robust, stable platform.

business management system

The framework enables us to roll-out new functionality that is backward compatible, enabling us to introduce additional functionality within system previously developed. A recent example of this is the introduction of rCAPTCHA that helps reduce spam submitted via web-based forms (other examples include Google MAPS API, RRS and Twitter feeds).

Perhaps the most tangible benefit for your business is that the framework reduces the time it takes us to develop a bespoke system and enables us to focus on your requirements. It also allows us to build prototypes of your application extremely quickly as the most common elements of web-based applications are pre-built and include user authentication, user group permissions and user logs. Our latest version of Project Golem (Version 2.1) includes advanced navigation typically found within desktop applications. It also gives greater levels of audit logging allowing you to see when a record was created, deleted and even sent to the new system wide recycled bin. The latter allows system administrators to restore records incorrectly deleted, and provides and enhanced multi-level user permission system. The system logging also enables us to monitor systems on an on-going basis, detecting and resolving issues as soon as they arise, ensuring unrivaled support for your business application and / or website.

administrative user interface, menu system and dashboard

 administrative user interface, menu system and dashboard

The latest version of Project Golem also includes an enhanced content management system that has been used for the new Pretty Greek Villas, Connor and Husseyseatway websites and so far feedback from clients has been excellent!

administrative user interface (content management system)

The framework uses Object-oriented Programming (OOP) methodology, that means that we have invested in a toolbox for web design and development projects. This provides the back bone for almost any type of online system, allowing us incorporate the various elements (e-commerce, content management, client relationship, diaries, scheduling, rss feeds, blogs, file management, etc.,) required and assemble your application far quicker than traditional methods. For further information on software frameworks read this wikipedia article.

For more information about Project Golem please contact Ayrmer Software.

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