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Business Management System

content management systemThe Business Management System (BMS) is a unique, web based, set of business tools aimed at supporting small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  It encapsulates the marketing, sales, operations and accounting of your business - ensuring your entire team can access information relevant to their role - enabling your business to focus on it's clients!

The Business Management System is developed using Ayrmer Software's unique framework that allows our development team to customise the Business Management System.  The framework - called Golem - is also used for many of Ayrmer Software's bespoke wbe based, database driven websites, like SJ SportscarsLimited e-commerce website, Pretty Greek Villas villa rental website amongst others.  The latest version of Golem includes loads of new features liek RRS feeds, the integration of rCAPTCHA (an spam device that prevent form to mail spamming), the Google MAPS API (using for the website) and lots more!

Content Management System

The Business Managment System has a fully implemented Content Management System. This gives you complete control of your site including creation and editing of new pages. It also allows creation of blogs and news articles, both accessible through your own RSS feed (see Content Management System).


The Business Management System caters for your e-marketing needs (see Customer Relations Management).  E-mails can be tracked to see who reads them or clicks through to specific articles, allowing you to focus your sales efforts. Leads direct from your website are automatically stored allowing you to follow these effectively.


sales pipelineThe Business Management System allows your sales team to track communications (see Customer Relations Management) between themselves and potential clients, recording vital information throughout the sales process (see Sales Pipeline).  Tasks and appointments can be scheduled ensuring leads are followed up in a timely fashion, ensuring you don't miss any oppurtunities.


The Business Management System provides a means of recording "work in progress", enabling you and your team to record time you have spent throughout the entire project life cycle (see Project Management).  Work can be assigned to a specific project or against a client and is integrated into a semi automated billing platform.This can be run at any time and automatically picks up any work and generates a PDF invoice and related transactions for your accounts.


accountsThe Business Management System provides a simple accounts system (see Accounts) that allows you to record income and expenditure throughout the year.  The system is designed to help you manage your business and includes a number of reports including cash flow, profit and loss and VAT returns.

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